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The Great REO Opportunity

The Great REO Opportunity
Sometimes we forget that banks are businesses much like other companies. And there are times when they make mistakes, just like other companies do at times. And (as we know) collectively the banks made some incredible lending practice mistakes (doozies) during the not too distant past…
Though hard to fathom now, the lending errors the banks made enabled a buying and building surplus which at the same time was fueling the expansion of a real estate property value bubble. And these exaggerated valuations, being both artificial and temporary, caused the bubble to eventually burst.
This painful period of history also evolved into another problem of a different form for the banks. The effects of their own poor lending habits over this time left them with an incredible number of nonperforming loans, properties foreclosed upon and even abandoned on the books. Collectively banks became owners of millions of homes themselves.
Naturally, banks are in business to lend money to people for homes. Their business model, competency and desire doesn’t include owning the homes themselves. Seizing, managing and reselling real estate properties to recover unpaid loan balances was never intended to be part of their line of services; at least not intentionally.
Combined, these factors have encouraged the banks to become very motivated and flexible sellers. They’re anxious to return once again to their normal lines of business. Hence, the great REO (Real Estate Owned) opportunity for real estate investors was revitalized….
Actually it’s more than merely an opportunity. It is that and it’s part of the overall solution. Vacant homes don’t serve much purpose for anyone. Without life in and around them the condition of homes deteriorates, negatively affects the value of other properties nearby and can even present danger. People should be living in homes, maintaining them and helping them to become positive contributors to well-kept neighborhoods. These homes need to find their way into hands of people who know what to do with them, who can create a “win-win” from a dilemma.
The win-win in this case is in the form of an investment opportunity for those with access to capital; whether that’s in the form of cash or an ability to acquire loans. The home is purchased from the bank at a highly discounted rate (50-70% of market value), renovated and subsequently rented to tenants. Because all of the associated costs, including closing fees, still allow the investment amount to remain well below the true value of the property, a built-in equity is realized immediately. The rents represent a positive cash flow for the investor and appreciation of the value of the property over time is probable.
So the investor gains (equity, positive cash flow, likely appreciation), the tenant has a nice home to live in, neighborhoods improve and even the local economies benefit from the business of renovating the homes. It’s a wonderful win-win solution to a very serious and, for many, an unsettling and life altering experience.
And because the banks are anxious to get back to business as (was) usual, they’re willing participants. They were a large part of the problem and they’ve become a significant part of the solution. It only seems fair…

How to Design a Low Budget Luxury Home at Toronto?

How to Design a Low Budget Luxury Home at Toronto?
Who never dream of a luxurious home dwelling?
To say the truth most of us have this hidden desire to own a house where in one has his large living room, gorgeous bedrooms, and glassy bathrooms. But yes to afford all these you either have to be some person earning more than your living necessities or you need to be a gutsy man for borrowing a huge loan.
So is that you have to lose hopes on making your own sweet luxury nest? Well of course not you just need to be a smart planner to get this under your budget. This also does not mean that a low budget home is of low quality. This actually means that luxury is a not the other name of being expensive.
Let’s see how you can achieve a strong with real value of home:
??? Make a list of equipments you need to put in your home. This is important because if you want to put a Jacuzzi bath you have to cut down on other things or have to go for less expensive items. Such as you can use aluminum frames for windows rather than having it wooden. These are strong and less expensive .
??? Solar water heater, rain water harvesting, and low voltage lighting are more economical and provide better maintenance services for house general needs.
??? Choosing simple shapes as for the structural built up of house. You can go for rectangular or square shape. Complex shapes as trapezoidal or triangles are difficult to build and are more expensive.
??? Instead of going for complicated roof lines go for dome shaped which are more affordable construction wise.
??? Instead of making a broad area to make a big house you can achieve the purpose through building up two or three stories. With smaller roof and foundation this could also cut down your plumbing and ventilation costs.
??? Going for an option as Toronto luxury home for sale can also get you a good deal. You can save here and use the money for remodeling if required. Changes you plan here should be more functional with elegance and give you aesthetically pleasing homes. You can use homemade candle and fragrances.
??? Cozy furnishing can be bought through furniture resale. A little repairs and upholstery with it could provide you furnishing under your budget.

DLF Corporate Greens Gurgaon

DLF Corporate Greens Gurgaon
DLF Corporate Greens is a new commercial projects in Gurgaon, which has been launched at Sector 74A in Gurgaon, one of Delhi NCR’s premier business areas. The project has been launched by one of the premier developers of residential and commercial projects in India. DLF Corporate Greens Gurgaon has redefined the conventional concept of stand-alone work spaces by integrating work with leisure. Combining the strengths of well-grounded experience with the dynamic needs of modern times, DLF Commercial has ushered in a new era of work culture and futuristic office spaces, at the very core of India’s most prestigious central business districts.
For individuals who look forward to book an office space at DLF Corporate Greens Sector 74A Gurgaon, DLF India has announced attractive and flexible payment options. DLF Corporate Greens Gurgaon offers various options for commercial spaces in sizes of 1621 – 3047 sq. ft. and is also priced at an approximate rate of Rs. 5850 per. square. feet. If you are interested in booking an office space at Sector 74A Gurgaon, then DLF Corporate Greens is the perfect project for you , and we at can help you book a commercial space with our exclusive zero brokerage services, thus enable crystal clear and secure real estate deals.
Corporate Greens is situated sector 74A in Gurgaon, which is a location that is extremely well-connected to most of the educational, residential, institutional, commercial and business centers in Delhi NCR. The location is in close vicinity to all major points of interest in and around Gurgaon, and is easily accessible by most of the adjoining areas such as Delhi, Noida and Faridabad.
DLF Corporate Greens also come fully loaded with a host of exclusive comforts and conveniences, which shall be availed by those who book an office space in this amazing commercial property in Gurgaon. A handful of the amenities being offered by DLF Corporate Greens Sector 74A Gurgaon have been mentioned below:
??? Ample Car Parking Area
??? 100% power back up (n+1 redundancy)
??? Centrally air-conditioned with energy efficient chillers
??? 24 hours security surveillance
??? High speed elevators
??? Seismic design complaint as per zone
??? Modern fire detection, suppression systems with sprinklers, fire/smoke detectors
DLF Corporate Greens is strategically located, next to NH 8, in the upcoming Sector 74A, Gurgaon. Spread over sprawling 25 acres, the project is to be developed on the lines of district centre comprising premium, commercial, retail and IT spaces. The pioneering DLF Corporate Greens will set new standards for all the new developments on NH-8, in terms of design and facility, standards and lifestyle aesthetic; making it an unparalleled investment opportunity, with a substantial upside potential.
DLF has over 60 years of track record of sustained growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation. The company has 348 msf of planned projects with 50 msf of projects under construction. It’s primary business is development of residential, commercial and retail properties. DLF Limited is actively involved in real estate projects all over India, and contributes to the Commercial, Residential and Retail real estate development throughout the country. It has also collaborated with several other developers of international repute and has business interests in other fields such as infrastructure, Hospitality, finance and SEZ. DLF won the real estate excellence award in 2008 for the best IPO of the year. It has also won the Most Diversified Real Estate developer Award- CNBC Awaz and the Most Trusted Brand award- Reader’s Digest.